Smark to Death

March 2nd Edition - Where we’re going, we need the road to WrestleMania

March 2, 2018

Your two favorite marks recap the week in the world of wrestling! Round One Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley coming back in WWE Cena headed to SDL His promo 6 pack challenge for title match, Cena added Seth and Finn both beat Miz? Triple threat coming? Jay White vs Hangman Page announced for Strong Style Evolved Round Two Fox Sports Execs at SD Live Rumor from Meltzer that Braun is a backup mania plan due to concern over Roman and Brock ROH/NJPW Honor Rising thoughts Round Three Bullet Club fallout from Honor Rising - Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers announced Should WWE have ppvs between rumble and mania or build feuds through the time between Rapid Fire Who should Ibushi face at WrestleCon Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground at WrestleCon Neville returning to WWE? Hardy vs Wyatt at the Hardy compound, do we care? Braun vs Elias? Is this the mania feud? WWE Promos this week were awesome - Brock Lesnar skips out RAW Beach Balls banned from WrestleMania Beer of the Week: Crack Berry Cider Follow Smark to Death Produced by Charis Dillon -