Smark to Death

Feb. 23rd Edition - Whose Line Is It Beastie Boy?

February 23, 2018

Your two favorite marks recap the week in the world of wrestling! Round One - - Jeff Jarrett in HOF - Roman Reigns Steroids - Drakes “Toughen Up” speeches - Gallows says Young Bucks have to go to WWE to be considered legends - Honor Club Round Two - - WWE considering bringing back Hulk Hogan - Seth’s Perrformance - The rest of the Gauntlett Match - Usos vs New Day at Fastlane - No Bludgeon Brothers Round Three - - Young Bucks and Scrull leave Cody in the ring - Gargano gone for good? Elimination Chamber Predictions! Special Segment w/ Joey Vasser Beer of the Week: Bare Arms Brewing Follow Smark to Death Produced by Charis Dillon -